It’s important for the website of your Folsom business to look professional, but how it looks is not the end-all of a quality company website. Because you will be using the website as a tool to educate potential customers on your products and services, you need to make sure that the overall browsing experience is effective in getting your message across. An article posted on discusses what skills you should look for in a web designer:

“Good web designers need to be great communicators and have an understanding of all functions of an experience. It’s important to not only produce solid design work, but also demonstrate the user flow and experience through prototypes. A good design that is not usable and intuitive does nothing to add to the experience, and prototype design is a much better exploration of the actual user experience.”

Essentially, your website should be able to convert visitors to customers. This is why web design should go hand-in-hand with your Folsom SEO campaign. Because first impressions are important, web design should ensure that your website looks trustworthy enough to merit their time and confidence. With SEO, not only will you be able to lead prospective customers to your website, but you will also be able to provide detailed information on your products and services to make them visit your store or contact you.

how to hire an outsourced web designer and survive the process

When designing your company website, look for a company who can help with both aesthetics and functionality. Trusted companies who offer SEO in Folsom such as Champion Online Marketing typically offer web design services, as well, together with other marketing strategies that will help you bring in more customers.

(Article Information and Image from How To Hire An Outsourced Web Designer And Survive The Process, Forbes, October 7, 2013)

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