If you’ve been following SEO news lately, you might have noticed that Google’s Panda 4 update went into effect last May 20th. Since its release, there has been a lot of speculation as to what it means for SEO overall. An article by Content Marketing Manager Tamara Weintraub for Business2Community.com provides some valuable insights:

“The original Panda algorithm release was aimed at ensuring low-quality websites with scraped or copied content didn’t fare well in the search results. And Panda 4.0 continues to make this a priority. This update, more than just a simple refresh, further emphasizes the need to post frequent, high-quality content to your website, and not just regularly changing your product pages.

If you don’t have a plan in place to regularly publish fresh, quality content, it’s more important than ever to do so. The first step is to ensure that your site has a blog that allows you to post content. But even a well-designed blog wont’ help your site if you aren’t using it actively. So, create a process for generating, posting, and sharing new content on a regular basis. And, make sure the content you post is unique, relevant, and stands out to both search engines and consumers.”

If you’ve been dishing out low quality ‘thin’ content—content that doesn’t provide users with new, unique value or was simply copied from another site with nothing new added – it is time to rethink your SEO approach. Now is the time to implement best practices, offer real long-term value to your users, and create evergreen content. It might also be time to use a Folsom SEO company that can help you achieve these goals.

Folsom SEO Company: How Will the Panda 4.0 Update Affect Your SEO?

Why should you use an SEO company?

Creating high-quality content can eat up a huge amount of your time and effort, all of which are better used on the other aspects of your business. Most business owners we work with struggle to even come up with topics to write a blog about, much less have the time to sit down and write a 400 word article and then post it out to social media and social sharing sites. Since you won’t likely have the time to produce quality content on a regular basis, a professional Folsom SEO marketing firm is the solution that can provide this for you.

Time for a change

Publishing content simply to drive traffic was never a good idea from the start, and the Panda 4 update reiterates this. You have to keep in mind that people want real, relevant, and quality content, and Google’s update is delivering what people ultimately desire. Just as Google made its changes, it’s time for you to make the necessary changes for quality, as well.

(Source: Google Panda 4.0: How Will It Affect Your Site’s SEO?, Business 2 Community, June 2, 2014)