Internet marketing has expanded rapidly in recent years, and strategies for online marketing have evolved along with it. In his article in the Search Engine Journal, Andrew Pincock enumerates five Internet marketing trends that developed because of the ongoing shift in the online marketing platform. If you are interested in engaging in Sacramento Internet marketing, […]

A recent Search Engine Land article reveals that the number of pages a website has doesn’t really affect its ranking on search engine results pages. It is a common misconception that multi-page sites often rank high; however, there’s more to SEO than just cramming as many pages as possible into a single site. Google’s Matt […]

In the past, small businesses in Sacramento and other places had trouble increasing awareness of their products and services because larger corporations could afford better marketing. The high cost of traditional marketing – print media, direct mail, advertisements, radio, television – was a serious barrier to entry for smaller companies. Nowadays, however, small businesses can […]