A car needs to be regularly maintained and checked by a professional for it to continue to operate smoothly. Just like a car, websites for Folsom, Sacramento businesses also need a thorough checkup to assess if all the parts are working as they should be. Conducting an SEO website audit means thoroughly analyzing a site’s technical aspects to see what changes can be implemented to boost rankings and site visibility.

Thanks to Google’s constant algorithm updates, the SEO landscape is continually changing. Certain SEO practices can quickly become old news and if you are unaware of these changes and your site can sink to the bottom of the page rankings, or even be flagged by search engines. A Folsom SEO company can help you conduct a comprehensive website audit and check to make your website is following the newest guidelines and is optimized properly.

5 Ways an SEO Site Audit Can Improve Your Websites Rankings and Profits

Functionality and Efficiency

A website audit checks if the site’s pages and links are structured how Google likes to seem them, which is consistent and easy for visitors to navigate. Website errors caused by broken and dead links will also be checked, ensuring that your site won’t lose any traffic or be flagged as a poorly maintained website by the search engines. The healthier a website is, the faster and more responsive it will be for the viewer, engaging him/her to stay on your site.

On-Page: Content, Titles and Meta-Tags

Your site’s needs content (written words) to rank high in Google’s organic searches. The content needs to be unique, it cannot be copied from other websites, and it must contain your target keywords. It also needs to be of good quality and properly inter-linked to other pages on your website. A website audit can check for duplicate content and titles, both of which are aspects that may reduce the value of a page to the search engines.

Off-Page: Links, Social Media, Local Citations

Off-page optimization focuses on external factors that can contribute to the rise of your site’s rankings. Website audits can analyze the metrics of your site’s page, your domain authority, the number of existing links from other websites as well as how much traffic your site is getting from online searches and from social media engagement.

It is recommended that your website undergo a site full audit at least once a year. To have a proper audit done you must work with an SEO professional. They will have technical skills and know-how necessary for conducting a website audit properly. Just like a car needs a good mechanic to keep it performing at optimal levels, a website needs a good Folsom SEO company like Champion Marketing Online to keep it performing optimally which will result in  higher rankings, more traffic and more business.

(Source: 5 Ways an SEO Site Audit Can Improve Your Website’s Rankings and Profits, Business 2 Community, March 10, 2014)

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