Basics for Social Media Marketing Sacramento – What is it, Where do you Start, How do you do it?Social Media Logos

What is it? Social media sites allow a way for people to communicate interactively. In the business world this means it is a way for companies to interact with their customers, for their customers to interact with the company and a way for their customers to interact with each other (i.e. customers interacting with other customers).

Where do you start? It can seem like an overwhelming task on where to get started with your Sacramento social media strategy. I would suggest focusing on these 5 platforms to start – Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn. Keep in mind this is an evolving list. As I write this Pinterest is exploding on to the scene. But these 5 are the biggest and have staying power. So if you learn to utilize them it’s likely they won’t have faded into anonymity a few years from now leaving you with wasted effort.

How do you do it? Take action! Pick one of the 5 platforms we’ve narrowed your Sacramento social media start up list down and go register. Remember, the old adage – to eat an elephant you do so one bite at a time.

The only way you can avoid overwhelm is to start with one platform and get started. Pick one right now and go register. They are all free, so there is nothing holding you back. Read the “How to Get Started” section and create your profile. Don’t get hung up on making it perfect or you’ll never do it.

Once you do create you register and create your profile do one thing. Create one Tweet for Twitter; Post one comment on Facebook and look up one friend; create on short video on YouTube with your digital camera, Flip or computer camera; create one Circle on Google+ and invite 1 friend to join; create your LinkedIn profile and look up one professional colleague and connect with him.

In future articles we will look at basics and best practices for a successful social media Sacramento campaign. But for now, go get started. I mean it, right now.

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