Get yourself on the map.

We’re talking about creating directory listings for the “Big 3” for the local or places listings. (I have included the direct links for each so you can get started!)

  • Google
  • Yahoo!
  • Bing

The local listings are the ones that list the addresses of the businesses along with a little letter next to it that corresponds to the same letter on the map. See the screen shot at the bottom of this blog post for a search result from a local Sacramento Google search showing the different types of search results.

Whatever other techniques employ to get the most out of your online marketing campaign, this one simple method will ensure that you’re on your way with your Sacramento SEO effort. 

Creating profiles for your business in these online directories is FREE.  

But why is this such a powerful Sacramento SEO method for small and mid-sized local businesses?

Because the search engines arrange their results hyper-locally.  Every time someone looks for a business online, they’ll get results for the closest, highest-rated businesses in their area. The major search engines are able to determine where you are searching from and provide results that are close to you geographically.

This is a huge advantage to local – especially small and mid-sized businesses.  You’re no longer competing with every coffee shop and legal practice in the nation.  Now you’re only competing with Sacramento’s top-ranked competitors in your immediate neighborhood!

Here are a few tips to optimize your maps profiles so people can easily find your business online:

1) Ask your biggest fans for reviews

Remind your happy customers that they can provide a review of what they think of your company on the internet. The best way to do it is to ask people.  

They’ll do it for you – but you have to be proactive on this one.  Search engines are looking for businesses that are already ranked by their customers as the very best.

2) Use all the keywords allowed – in order of importance

Online local and maps listings treat the order of the keywords you choose as a measure of their relative importance.  

Let’s say, for example, your bakery offers vegan food.  But you’re really a pastry shop with lots of options.  So list “pastry shop” as the first search term, and all the other words that people associate with that general description before you list “vegan”.

3) Add photos

One of the greatest free features of online maps profiles is the ability to add photos.  Take advantage of this opportunity to accustom prospective customers to your:

  • Physical location
  • Products or service
  • Staff and experts – in action

Need help with online maps profiles for your Sacramento SEO campaign?  

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