Retail therapy, or the act of shopping to get in a better mood, actually works, according to renowned San Francisco therapist Peggy Wynne. Wynne offered this opinion to Kit Yarrow of, in reaction to a study conducted by TNS Global which showed that more than half of Americans have engaged in retail therapy. Yarrow’s report further says that many consider online shopping as a sort of “mental vacation.”

Statistics show that about 83% of Internet users have purchased something online. In Sacramento, California, as it is in the rest of the world, the widespread use of the Internet has changed the marketplace, with more and more people getting information about products and services through the Internet, and actually completing purchases or booking services online. This has made effective online marketing in Sacramento a necessity for most businesses

retail therapy

As stated in Yarrow’s report, people recognize escape, entertainment, and rejuvenation as the main benefits of retail therapy. Online shopping provides all of these, particularly because it is convenient, and may be done any time as long as one has access to the Internet. Even the act of browsing through products on the Web allows people to achieve some form of mental escape and relaxation.

Trusted Sacramento online marketing companies such as Champion Online Marketing can help a business harness the power of the Internet by attracting target customers. By delving into how and where people search for products and services online, these experts can help develop the necessary tools to increase a company’s visibility on the Web. Additionally, businesses can generate relevant content and wage successful search engine optimization campaigns by tapping the services of online marketing firms.

So far, online purchases make up only a small percentage of total retail sales. However, the rapidly increasing rate of Internet use only means that information can now be disseminated faster than ever, making it a valuable tool in promoting and advertising a company’s products and services. Additionally, with the continuous creation of new applications, actual transactions on the Internet are likely to increase as well.

Yarrow’s report ultimately says that people see shopping as a means of socializing. Socializing on the Web is also fast becoming a practice by everyone, particularly on the various social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Online marketing professionals have the necessary know-how to tap into the popularity of social networks and use it to effectively market a business to the right customers.

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