Several online sources give definitions as to what they claim SEO really is. However, as a article warns, “Some of the assertions made could be maliciously wrong or factually incorrect and extremely challenging.” Businesses that are planning to implement an online marketing strategy need to review the most common myths about SEO and learn about the truth before they do so.


‘Anyone Can Do SEO’

In order to achieve an effective Sacramento search engine optimization plan, it is important to hire a qualified and professional SEO company to do the job. The article recommends, “Don’t give your firm’s SEO requirements to an IT employee only because he or she can work with computers. It takes time to understand best SEO practices.”

‘Google penalizes your websites’

Google penalizations happen only on very rare circumstances and on the most blatant cases. The article explains, “What many webmasters see are Google’s devaluation of the strategies for SEO that they were using on their websites. For example, Google devalued a full backlink structure of blog networks instantly and the site presumed that the fall in rankings was penalization which it wasn’t. Actually, large sections of their backlink profiles were devalued which caused their SEO to be lowered and their ranks to fall as a consequence.”

‘Social media and SEO are not related’

“Social search” refers to the certain intersection between SEO and social media. This relationship between search engines and social networks has evolved ever since where Google has begun proving us with the Google+ and Google Authorship. Business owners should always remember that relevant and reliable content will help their search and social media marketing improve.

‘SEO is only about being on the first page’

Most people believe that the SEO industry is just about helping clients on their first page rankings, but this is not the case. SEO includes several strategies to make people aware of your business, which can extend even to social media.

For prospective clients to continue visiting your website, ensure that you have effective strategies for search engine optimization in Sacramento by making it personalized and relevant to your target audience. Moreover, make sure that your website follows ethical SEO practices so crawlers can approve your content and make your website fully visible to clients. Aside from providing information that gives visitors exactly what they need, the website should have clear calls-to-action to let them know how they can take advantage of the company’s products and services.

(Article Image and Excerpts from A Look At Prevailing Myths About SEO – Part 1, Business 2 Community, Published October 2, 2013)

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