The New Year brings about the promise of change and this goes for Sacramento online marketing trends as well. As an article in puts it, “As the face of the internet landscape continues to change, so will the marketing practices regarding SEO, paid advertising, organic search, content marketing, social media interactions, and more.” Online marketing trends will continue to evolve from year to year, and businesses need to adjust their strategies accordingly in order to optimize the results.

Various Industries

One big trend that will continue this year is the focus on social media. A Business2Community article says that, “In 2015 Social Media will be more important than ever, as social signals become a more important ranking factor for Google.” Every business should have a presence on different social media networks so that they can be easily found by their customers. This is also a way to connect and engage with the customers by responding to their comments, feedback, and inquiries. The content to be posted should help build the brand, so these must be relevant and interesting.

This year should also see increased focus on mobile. More and more people are starting to use their mobile devices even for internet browsing, so it is important to have a website that is mobile friendly. This means your website needs to be easily viewable and navigable not just from a laptop or desktop computer, but also from cell phones and tablets. This is referred to as a Responsive website. Websites that haven’t been optimized for mobile, or are difficult to navigate or load on a smartphone or tablet, will turn away many potential customers.

Content marketing will also play a big role in online marketing. There should be an increased effort in creating content that attracts potential customers, and keeps current ones interested. Visual content is becoming popular, so there should be images, videos, and infographics present in the site to keep customers engaged.

Taking note of these trends and implement strategies that utilize them will benefit any online marketing strategy. As we are moving towards a more mobile world, social media and mobile-friendly sites are becoming more important. Seasoned Sacramento internet marketing companies such as Champion Online Marketing can be valuable partners in making sure you are making the right moves for you internet marketing and online presence.

(Source: How Internet Marketing Will Affect Various Industries in 2015, Forbes, January 12, 2015)

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