Those who are wondering what the ever evolving Internet has in store next may just have received their answer in the “Internet of Things” (IoT). While this concept was introduced as early as 1999, it only recently gained center stage with the invention of such gadgets as Google Glass, iWatch, smart TV, smart ads and billboards.

heres how the internet of things will power greater marketing success

IoT refers to the concept of providing humans, animals, and objects with unique identifiers by which they can transmit information through the Internet. While that may sound a lot like the stuff of science fiction, IoT already has found practical applications in such technologies as heart monitor implants, car sensors that detect various conditions like low tire pressure, and biochip transponders in animals.

However, the most immediate and practical applications of IoT are apparently in consumer goods. Already, many home appliances, heating devices, and car monitoring gadgets make use of the technology, and IT experts are predicting a significant expansion of its applications in the foreseeable future.

When this happens, internet marketing will take on a new dimension, as IoT enhances the basic functions that online marketers perform. Premiere Sacramento online marketing experts like those in Champion Online Marketing are at the forefront in harnessing the benefits of this revolutionary technology.


In Business Insider, clinical marketing expert Ira Kalb writes about how the widespread use of IoT can affect marketing in the future. He says:

The IoT has the capability to collect and analyze feedback, report it to decision makers, enable them to take the appropriate action, and provide an analysis as to how well the actions taken worked. The IoT can enable marketers to measure actual behavior in real-time rather than process biased answers to unwanted or inadequate survey questions. It can collect and react to complaints, compliments, new-product ideas, competition information, and marketing strategy feedback as it happens and when it matters.

Currently, Sacramento internet marketing professionals provide this kind of service to their clients as part of their SEO and local marketing strategies. Website audits, analysis of social signals, and keyword research are some of the tools used by these experts to successfully promote a business on the Internet. The rise of IoT will certainly add a new layer of opportunity for marketing online.

With the Internet, ideas that seemed impossible in the recent past have become realities much sooner than many have expected. Businesses who are not yet fully on board the internet marketing vehicle will find themselves getting further and further behind, as IoT continues to make giant strides into the future.

(Source: Here’s How The Internet Of Things Will Power Greater Marketing Success, Business Insider, July 27, 2014)

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