One normally wouldn’t associate NASA with Twitter, or with any social networking site for that matter. The organization can come across as either too high-brow or too geeky to engage in the sometimes frivolous chatter that takes place on social media. However, Rick Mulready reports on that NASA actually has 500 social media accounts on various social networks that are maintained and updated by employees in 10 different locations.

John Yembrick, the head of NASA’s social media, told Mr. Mulready that NASA uses social media “to tell a story” and to engage its followers. In this digital age, where the use of the Internet has become so widespread and diverse, the opportunities offered by social media have to be explored as part of an organization’s comprehensive internet marketing strategy. Businesses in Sacramento, California and in other parts of the country that do not have the sufficient time, know-how, and resources to maintain effective online marketing programs on their own can call on Sacramento internet marketing experts to provide appropriate solutions.


Internet marketing has become a very dynamic arena as various entities vie for the top spots on search engine results pages. With a large majority of the population using the Internet to purchase goods or engage various services, companies need to be highly visible and accessible on the World Wide Web. To achieve this, many businesses have since tapped the power of various web applications.

NASA’s struggles with dwindling government support and funding have been known to the public for some time now. By reaching out to its followers and expanding its public support base, NASA is able to boost its relevance in the public eye, and thereby rally public interest to keep its projects going. The effective use of social media as an internet marketing component gives the institution a good platform to achieve this goal.

John Yembrick also shared a few tips on how to conduct a successful social media marketing campaign that might work for businesses. Among other things, you can give your products “a voice” by “telling stories” about them that will keep followers engaged, much like a TV reality show. Sacramento internet marketing experts have also stressed the need for good content to bring Internet users to websites and social networking sites. In this regard, perhaps the biggest business benefit of social media is that it can foster loyalty and brand awareness by helping establish personal relationships with your customers.

A company’s popularity on social media can contribute greatly to its online marketing and search engine optimization success. Companies like Champion Online Marketing can help businesses develop and maintain social media accounts with the right content and interactive features to keep customers coming back for more. These experts also know how to effectively integrate the use of social media into a complete internet marketing campaign.

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