InSites Consulting surveyed 1,222 owners and business managers to gather information about how they use social media in relation to their respective businesses. The survey, discussed in an article on Phoenix Business Journal, found that eight out of ten American companies consider social networking sites highly important to their operations, and are making sure they have a presence on Facebook and other social media.

Social media interaction, or the web in general, has enabled companies to receive instant feedback from the particular segment of the market they cater to. Then again, although the survey has found that “an increasingly growing group is strongly interested in this real-time feedback from the market,” as Steven Van Belleghem, a partner at InSites Consulting puts it, the social media approach is apparently only a supplemental effort as “only 11 percent are integrating their social media approach into their overall corporate strategy.”

Furthermore, while several companies respond to the need to establish an online presence, not all of them utilize the web to its fullest potential. Van Belleghem noted an unfavorable outcome brought about by the external pressure that several companies feel as far as being present on social media is concerned. He said that the efforts of several companies end in “static corporate pages where nothing really happens.”

It’s also rather unfortunate that not all companies recognize the potential of the Web to improve their business. “Even though there is a clear digital evolution and pull among clients, there are still companies that aren’t convinced they have to go with the evolution,” Van Belleghem shared. “The risk for these companies is that, in a rather short term, they will miss out on an important target group in their market,” he added

In this increasingly connected world, taking advantage of the Web doesn’t end by merely setting up your corporate website or creating accounts on various social media platforms. Rather, it’s essential to create a strategy that will help you better understand your clients. That strategy must connect you to them in a manner where both of you can listen and be heard.

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(Info from US companies ahead of Europe in seeking real-time feedback, Phoenix Business Journal, June 14, 2013)

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