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Yes! You are moments away from becoming a conversion for us! We love conversions! A conversion means that a visitor to our website took a measurable action – they bought something, downloaded a free report, opted in to our email newsletter or, as in this case, filled out a contact us form. We are tracking the activity on this page, seeing what other pages you went to on our website, measuring the time you spent on our website, and marking you as a conversion if you fill out the below form. This will allow us to analyze how you came to our website, where you came from, which search engine or social channel you used to find us and even what keyword you used to locate us. This will allow us to adjust our future marketing efforts. Depending on where you “converted’ on our website, you may be put into an immediate automated follow up and one of our lead nurturing systems. We can track if you are opening any of the emails and if you click on any links that were included. We can have our banner ads displayed in front of you all over the internet.

Oops! Did we say that out loud?

Our sense of humor is obviously twisted as a result of our obsession with marketing. But seriously, we have a genuine passion for our clients and doing whatever it takes to make them successful. We take their success with pride. When you succeed, we also succeed. In that sense, we at Champion Online Marketing are also your business partner and we take that very seriously.

Champion provides service to businesses all over the country including California in areas such as Sacramento, Roseville, Elk Grove, Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Stockton, Modesto and West Sacramento. Give us a call, send us a message, we provide free consultation. FREE consultation! You have nothing to lose taking advantage of our free offer, but everything to gain.

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