Search engine optimization is an excellent marketing tool. However, to optimize your results you need to establish benchmarks and track your results. To illustrate, Business2Community contributor Sudhir Sharma discusses how benchmarking helps formulate future SEO strategies:

SEO Benchmarks

Benchmarking also provides crucial information about which SEO strategies and campaigns are working, and which are ineffective. For example, if you find that 20 percent of your website’s pages are generating the majority of your traffic, you can focus on the specific elements that make that 20 percent successful, while changing or removing the content that is counterproductive or simply inefficient.

Unless you have extensive experience and knowledge on how to set up tracking metrics, it is best to consult with an experienced Folsom SEO company, who is skilled with internet marketing.

An experienced Folsom SEO company would be able to effectively measure how well an SEO campaign has been working using various performance indicators, and employ this performance data to further enhance an SEO strategy. Your close collaboration is needed, especially at the beginning of an online campaign, to get specific about exactly what you want to achieve. This will determine the elements that will need to be measured to see how well the campaign has been working.

An example would be if you want to improve your site traffic; this means your performance indicators would be the amount of web traffic that your site has generated, compared to a set baseline.

There are other popular metrics are also used to measure SEO success. One is the number of Google and other search pages that your site has indexed. Search engine optimization seeks to put all of your website pages on the search engines as possible. If a website has problems being properly indexed, it can be from poor code, page errors, missing or inaccurate sitemaps or duplicate content – all of which can be remedied by proper SEO.

Your SEO company may also make use of other metrics like incoming links and keyword popularity to analyze the results of a campaign. Based on this analysis, the proper course of action can be formulated. This can range from modifying the keywords that are being used, to using social media to create more trustworthy links to your site.

An SEO campaign is an ongoing process that needs diligence and constant monitoring, and having the experts behind your campaign will help assure its success. For a free 15 minute phone consultation feel free to contact Champion Online Marketing today.

(Source: 6 SEO Benchmarks You Can’t Afford To Miss, Business 2 Community, August 6, 2014)

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