SEO Audit & Website Assessment Improves Google Results - higher rankings, more website traffic and more revenue for your company

Maximize your SEO Campaign Perform an SEO Audit and Website Assessment Report To get higher Google rankings, more website visits and more revenue for your company – it is crucial that you get an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Audit and Website Assessment Report done before you start. You want to find any errors and make […]


Without specific business goals to guide you, seeking an effective SEO strategy for your company would be like diving without a map. You have to know where you want to go so you can plan how to get there. Also, any online marketing strategy, including SEO, is not a set and forget marketing plan. It […]


Building a credible online reputation is crucial because it affects all marketing strategies – both online and offline- and can substantially increase sales. A good online reputation campaign begins with a unique name, followed by an effective strategy to strengthen online visibility and social proof of the quality of your service (online reviews).  

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In business, you want every advantage that you can get over your competitors. Hiring a top-notch Folsom SEO company is one of those advantages. Studies show that up to 97% of people are now going online to search for local products and services and you’ll want your website and company near the top of the […]

Benefits of Marketing Online

With so many choices today, it can be hard to decide where to spend your marketing budget. Your choices range from the traditional media marketing options of ads in newspapers, magazines, radio, tv, coupon mailers; to the new online media with Google, Social Media, SEO, online ads, directories and more. With so many people online […]

12 Essential Elements of a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Sacramento is bustling city with more than two million people and 44,514 private businesses. With a city of this size and fierce business competition, it can be very difficult for small businesses to stand out from the rest, especially from larger competitors. The Internet has given entrepreneurs and small businesses a way to compete and […]

SEO Audit & Website Assessment Improves Google Results - higher rankings, more website traffic and more revenue for your company

A car needs to be regularly maintained and checked by a professional for it to continue to operate smoothly. Just like a car, websites for Folsom, Sacramento businesses also need a thorough checkup to assess if all the parts are working as they should be. Conducting an SEO website audit means thoroughly analyzing a site’s […]

How does Google judge quality content

There’s no question that Google’s successive algorithm updates have changed the way online marketing, and by extension, content marketing, work. According to Econsultancy, an online community for online marketers, among the changes these updates have introduced over the years is the greater focus on ‘holistic content’. Given Hummingbird’s (Google’s new algorithm) ability to better analyze […]

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Ask any experienced Sacramento online marketing company and they will tell you that content marketing and SEO go hand-in-hand for two simple reasons:

Smart Business Decisions Services to Look for in Folsom SEO Companies

You have a website for your business in place and a Facebook page to boot, but is that already considered as internet marketing? When you consult with online marketing professionals in an SEO company in Folsom or elsewhere, you’ll definitely get the answer to that question—which is “no”, as internet marketing is quite a complex […]