Afraid of being overshadowed by the big guns on Google’s rankings? Don’t be, says Google engineer Matt Cutts. All it takes is tactical thinking. While prominence is a factor in SEO, sites of bigger companies aren’t that much different from any other website as far as content quality is concerned, and good content certainly factors […]


Americans love their pizza. The latest statistics show that around 1 in 8 Americans eat pizza driving and astonishing $37 Billion in annual sales. Pizza Hut is a pioneer in the industry as the first pizza chain in the U.S. From its humble beginnings in Wichita, KS, the chain expanded to become the top gun […]

It’s important for the website of your Folsom business to look professional, but how it looks is not the end-all of a quality company website. Because you will be using the website as a tool to educate potential customers on your products and services, you need to make sure that the overall browsing experience is […]

All the work you do with a Sacramento Internet marketing team on search engine optimization and social media advertising will be seriously affected if you do not devote resources to refining your website. As your campaign’s main goal is to lead people to your website and then convince your visitors to become leads, prospects and […]

The innovative music, poetry, and document annotation website Rap Genius has been making headlines across the SEO world for all the wrong reasons lately. A brilliant startup centered on the idea of allowing both content creators and end-users to provide annotations and interpretations for different forms of text, the company was recently hit by a […]

Reliable data has been the primary driver for defining search engine optimization practices since the very beginning. Until recently, the reliability of SEO data available to marketers has improved to the point where SEO approached the realm of becoming an exact science.

Companies have seen search engine optimization (SEO) as an effective tool for bringing them closer to their preferred clientele. Relying significantly on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!, Folsom SEO companies like the Champion Online Marketing have always been careful and diligent observers of every change in how these search engines work.

InSites Consulting surveyed 1,222 owners and business managers to gather information about how they use social media in relation to their respective businesses. The survey, discussed in an article on Phoenix Business Journal, found that eight out of ten American companies consider social networking sites highly important to their operations, and are making sure they […]

At 1.07 billion, the population of Africa is more than three times the combined population of North America. However, only about 15 percent of the Africa’s population have access to the Internet, compared with North America’s 78.6 percent. Meanwhile, Asia has an estimated 1.08 billion Internet users—more than Africa’s total population.

In September, Google revealed the launch of its new algorithm dubbed Hummingbird, which features more specific search results, Google Now cards. The platform is more efficient than the previous Panda and Penguin algorithms ever were. As much as this news has rallied cheers from millions of search engine users, it has also piqued the attention […]