All the work you do with a Sacramento Internet marketing team on search engine optimization and social media advertising will be seriously affected if you do not devote resources to refining your website. As your campaign’s main goal is to lead people to your website and then convince your visitors to become leads, prospects and customers its content needs to support your business. You have to continuously upgrade its design, usability, and content for your market.

5 overarching web design trends marketers should note in 2014

You can draw ideas for improved web design from the following trends, which industry authorities like have claimed will be influential in 2014:

Simplicity no longer equates to just straightforward and clutter-free. Nowadays, the term evokes the “flat” design pioneered by Apple’s iOS 7. The most memorable and navigable websites are expected to have a clean, streamlined, and minimalist design, which enables visitors to scroll through information easily and effectively.

While making a website simple, you should also ensure that it never becomes static. defines “dynamic content” as personalized—each web visitor, for example, would read different calls-to-action in a blog, depending on the information submitted upon subscription.

In turn, considers a website dynamic if its typography and layout have a “personality.” links dynamism to its “storytelling” ability, built on interactivity and animation. The key is to keep your website from becoming boring without letting it become overbearing.

Experts note that more and more people will be browsing websites using mobile devices. You will have to invest in responsive web design so that people can view your website properly regardless if they are using a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

Social integration
Finally, your website will need to feature links to social media websites, as well as feeds or embedded elements from your pages on Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, YouTube and other social media platforms. This will enable visitors to join in conversations both with other customers and your company.

If your website does not possess these qualities, you should start think about working with a specialist in Internet marketing in Sacramento, like Champion Online Marketing, that can help it deliver on all these points—and deliver more customers and revenue to you.

(Article Information and Image from 5 Overarching Web Design Trends Marketers Should Note in 2014,, January 18, 2014)

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