The innovative music, poetry, and document annotation website Rap Genius has been making headlines across the SEO world for all the wrong reasons lately. A brilliant startup centered on the idea of allowing both content creators and end-users to provide annotations and interpretations for different forms of text, the company was recently hit by a […]

Reliable data has been the primary driver for defining search engine optimization practices since the very beginning. Until recently, the reliability of SEO data available to marketers has improved to the point where SEO approached the realm of becoming an exact science.

For certain strategies to work, they sometimes require a dynamic fusion of different elements. In the world of online or internet marketing, there are several factors businesses need to consider when choosing the right provider. In places like California, where the competition is tight, regardless of the industry you belong to, finding a Sacramento SEO […]

As the New Year unfolds, businesses, regardless of the products and services they offer, all want to start the year on the right track. With technological advancements continuously evolving, companies need to keep in step with the latest methods, if they wish to avoid being left behind. California business owners face stiff competition and a […]