Retail therapy, or the act of shopping to get in a better mood, actually works, according to renowned San Francisco therapist Peggy Wynne. Wynne offered this opinion to Kit Yarrow of, in reaction to a study conducted by TNS Global which showed that more than half of Americans have engaged in retail therapy. Yarrow’s […]

One normally wouldn’t associate NASA with Twitter, or with any social networking site for that matter. The organization can come across as either too high-brow or too geeky to engage in the sometimes frivolous chatter that takes place on social media. However, Rick Mulready reports on that NASA actually has 500 social media accounts […]

On, Grizzlee Solutions discusses the role search engine optimization (SEO) plays in the success of today’s businesses. According to Grizzlee, achieving a high rank in organic search results on search engines is extremely vital for a business to succeed. As such, a company that depends on the Internet to communicate with previous, current, and […]

In an article for, contributor Debbie Mcrill discusses the top reasons why traditional marketing methods are slowly losing popularity to online or Internet marketing methods. According to Mcrill, the latter has made the downside of conventional methods more apparent. Although they proved useful in the past, traditional marketing methods can now be considered inferior […]

Kevin Knauss, guest blogger for the Sacramento Business Journal, reflects in a May 6, 2013 article on the limitations of social media for marketing small businesses. According to Knauss, social media marketing may not work for every company. He also stresses that there’s more to using social media than just attracting followers and boosting sales.

A Sacramento Business Journal dated May 3, 2013 touches on the potential of the social media site Pinterest to bolster a company’s promotional power. Pinterest attracts more than 4 million followers daily across the globe, which represents a rather sizable pool of potential customers. This makes the photo sharing site a feasible marketing medium through […]

According to a Practical eCommerce article, updates to Google’s search engine algorithms Panda and Penguin now compel website owners to reconsider their current Internet marketing strategies. Penguin 2.0, which was released on May 21, 2013, has given Google the ability to detect websites that have so-called spam links and phrase articles. Websites which have many […]

Google’s search engine algorithm, dubbed Penguin, has made it even more challenging to wage successful search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns and achieve higher search engine rankings. According to Digital Journal, the online rankings of a number of websites took a big hit a mere 24 hours after Penguin 2.0, was launched. This was despite the […]

The first rule of business marketing is that you must make it easy for your customers to find you. In today’s world, the first place your customers will look when they need to find a local contractor, healthcare provider, dentist attorney, CPA, auto repair shop store, restaurant or any other local product or service is […]

Regardless of where your business is appearing in search results, search engine optimization should probably be one of your biggest concerns. If you are a local business with a physical address and you expect your local community to visit, you need local search engine optimization; Sacramento businesses who take advantage of this opportunity will find […]